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At Advance Hair Implants Clinic we are passionate about providing a tailored solution to your hair loss conditions.


Dr Waqas Chaudhary is the lead Hair Transplant Surgeon for the AHI Clinic. He is also a General Practitioner in the NHS, who gained his Postgraduate in Dermatology, from Queen Mary University of London.  Dr Chaudhary is offering virtual as well as face to face consultations for all patients who contact us for  hair loss and aesthetic procedures.  Surgical procedures are only carried out at Rejuvence Clinic which is a CQC registered clinic.  Dr Chaudhary is a trusted medical professional and has experience of working in Orthopaedics, Accident and Emergency, General Medicine and Paediatrics in NHS hospitals.

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Story of  a 49/M after FUE Hair Transplant.

Before After Ahi Clinic Fue Hair Transplant Before 41MFue Hair Transplant After 41M

Story of a 41/M after FUE Hair Transplant. 

Before After Ahi Clinic Fue Hair transplant Before 35MAhi Clinic Fue Hair Transplant After 35M

Story of 35/M who had Fue Hair Transplant 



Aesthetic Treatment

A youthful healthy appearance is important to everyone. So, many people start looking for some form of treatment or other suitable products when they first notice the visible signs of ageing and start using the cosmetic products even before the time.


FUE Treatment

Hair Transplant Surgery can give fantastic results. It involves the transfer of healthy hair roots from the sides and back of the head and implanted to the area of hair loss. It takes about 8-10 hours for the surgery and results can be seen by 12 months.



Hair loss is a common problem affecting men and women worldwide. There has been an increase in the number or people losing hair at a relatively younger age which has led to pioneering research in the hair industry to develop treatments which can offer to slow, stop and replace the area of hair loss using advanced surgical procedures.

Why Choose Us

Advance Hair Implants Clinic works with Rejuvence Clinic, which is a CARE QUALITY COMMISSION CQC registered Clinic. Our first and foremost priority is patient safety and satisfaction. We assess each patient individually and offer a  tailored  treatment plan based on patient’s requirements to fulfill realist expectations. We are committed to achieving the best results for each patient, every time. We are passionate about improving the lives of people that live with hair loss conditions. It is our ambition to offer the best services, so we invest time and expertise to deliver the very best of treatments for each individual.

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At AHI Clinic, each client is treated as an individual so prices can vary.

Wrinkle relaxing

1 Area


£2250.00 for upto 1000 grafts (approximately 2000 hairs)


£350 Per ML
Results will depend upon whether a mild, moderate or extensive result is desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

The recovery depends on different factors, and it can vary for each patient.  Patients are normally able to go back to their usual routine 7 to 14 days after surgery, while others may have the pink effect on their scalp even after 2 months of the surgery.

Shock loss is an after effect of the surgery, which you will start to notice after 3-6 weeks of the procedure.  This means that all of the transplanted hair and sometimes natural hair around the transplanted area, will also fall off  between 3-8 weeks after the surgery, this is normal.  What is most important is that the hair root which has been implanted remains safely in place beneath the skin, in its original position, and usually starts to re-grow after 3-4 months of the surgery.   This happens because each hair follicle is reacclimitising to its new position on the head.  

There are many stories about unsuccessful hair transplant surgeries. This not only causes great difficulty in any further hair restoration surgery but also affects a patients mental well being. 

There are 3 major factors, which can affect hair growth:

Clinical matters: During the surgery, it is important to take great care of the grafts.  It is therefore crucial that the surgery is well planned and executed by an experienced and qualified surgeon.

After Surgery: It is the patients responsibility to follow the after care plan strictly.  Failure to do so will affect your hair growth.   We will discuss a detailed care plan with you, about how to look after the newly transplanted hair grafts, during your consultation and after the procedure.

Other: Despite caring for your hair and choosing the right surgeon, your hair growth might still be affected. There can be multiple reasons the transplant not to be successful, such as underlying health conditions: diabetes, skin and scalp disorders, blood pressure, smoking, etc.

British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery


International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery