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FUE Eyebrow Transplant

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FUE Eyebrow Transplant London

Dealing with sparse or thinning eyebrows can be distressing. Many individuals consider eyebrow transplant as a long-term solution to restore their natural look. In London, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) eyebrow transplant stands out as a top choice.

Before making a choice for an eyebrow transplant, exploring other treatments is crucial. This applies to both men and women. Evaluating the extent of eyebrow loss and its pattern is essential.

For some, an eyebrow transplant becomes the ultimate solution after trying various remedies such as serums, pencils, and microblading. At AHI Clinic, we recognize the significance of this decision and are committed to guiding you through the process.

Matthew Reilly
Matthew Reilly
I attended the clinic for a frontal hair transplant. The whole process was extremely smooth, painless and perfect! Dr Chaudhary and his team are amazing! You are in good hands at this clinic. He has fully looked after me throughout every step and given me confidence. I feel extremely happy to have had my procedure done here and would highly recommend to anyone else looking to have a transplant or any treatment. If you are wanting to get it done… get it done here, you won’t regret it.
Stacey Turner
Stacey Turner
I've recently started PRP with Dr Chaudhary as I noticed my hair has been thinning for the last couple of years. It's a little soon to comment on the outcome of treatment as it's still early days, but will follow up at some point in the future once I've had a few more sessions. Dr Chaudhary is lovely. He's very professional and extremely friendly at the same time. He really made me feel very welcome/relaxed and ran me through my options. For me, I find things like this quite nerve racking, however I felt in a safe place and the treatment went well. Looking forward to my next treatment 😊
Mannan Ahmad
Mannan Ahmad
What an experience!!!! Excellent pre procedure guidance; friendly/reassuring / very caring attitude on the day of procedure; and impeccable ongoing advice post procedure. Dr. Waqas Chaudhry abated all my anxieties by giving his undivided attention throughout the whole day of my procedure. I am certainly satisfied with his skills of taking the grafts out from donor area, getting his staff to carefully count them with planning and separation of different grafts for different sites; paying every attention in preparing site for transplanting those donor hairs and finally very proficiently transplanting those grafts. What a professional he is!!! Not to forget, his friendly staff made me feel relaxed whole day. I would 100% recommend AHI clinic / Dr. Waqas Chaudhry.
Sajid Hassan
Sajid Hassan
Amazing results so far after the 4 PRP treatments I am had with Dr Chaudhary at AHI Clinic. Also using the medical treatments recommended by him. Excellent service, really clean clinic. Dr Chaudhary has a very good knowledge of the hair loss treatment options and he is very honest and with excellent communication skills.
I recently inquired about getting a hair transplant and I had a brilliant feeling from the get go when having my online consolation with Dr Chaudhary. They managed to fit me in over the christmas period which was the only time I could have done it & although it was a long day the day, the day itself could not have gone any better. It took around 10 hours overall but so far it's been 10 days since the op and everything is healing very nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing the results next year when my hair has grown back. Aftercare was also a big factor for me in which I've read a lot about how the clinics aftercare is very good and so far it's been very good.
Satwinder Dhoot
Satwinder Dhoot
Getting a FUE Transplanting is very confusing and stressful especially with all the material available online. Found AHI Clinic by chance and the experience has been amazing from start to finish. Initial Consultation was very Professional and Dr Chaudhary was very welcoming. There was no rush and he went though everything with me step by step explaining what the process was and answered all of my random questions. Even after my first consultation I still wasn't sure and had more questions and even then he took the time to arrange another meeting for me promptly. His answers were very honest and I kind of knew i'd be getting it done from here. I had visited other Clinics and all you face is a Sales man on other end who's in a rush and just trying to seal the deal. Not explaining any of the processes or the risks or what to expect. Just in a rush to get the deposit from you. It's always good to actually meet the Surgeon whose performing the Procedure, gives a peace of mind especially when it comes to your hair. Had my Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) done last week and went very smoothly. No issues and his techniques in applying the injections resulted in very little pain in the course of the whole treatment. The FUE Transplant was done in the last 24 hours and very impressed with the whole process start to finish. The Rejuvence Clinic in Canary Wharf was very clean and very well organised. Dr Chaudhary was there to perform the task himself with the help of his Technicians, they were very professional too. Felt in safe hands throughout the whole process. Communication with AHI Clinic for after care has also so far been great and will be staying in touch in case of any further questions. Please please no need to go Turkey when you have AHI at our door steps in London. Simple and Fact!!!
Tariq Sherwani
Tariq Sherwani
Solid advice and help throughout the entire process. Very happy with my hair transplant with Dr Chaudhary.
michael paul
michael paul
I had PRP treatment with Dr Chaudhary. He is extremely professional and the treatment was almost painless. Would very much recommend having treatment here.

About Eyebrow Transplant?

What is an Eyebrow Transplant?

An eyebrow transplant is a straightforward procedure aimed at restoring lost eyebrow hair. It involves harvesting healthy hair follicles from one part of the body and transplanting them into the areas where the eyebrows are thinning or absent. Similar to planting seeds, these transplanted follicles grow into new, natural-looking eyebrows.

At AHI Clinic, we specialize in this precise procedure, ensuring that you achieve natural and aesthetically pleasing results.

When to Consider an Eyebrow Transplant?

Deciding whether an eyebrow transplant is suitable for you involves considering various factors. It’s not a decision to rush into. Typically, eyebrow transplants are for individuals experiencing significant eyebrow loss in specific regions. These areas often include the arch, tail, or overall thinning.

Before proceeding with an eyebrow transplant, scheduling a consultation at our clinic is essential. Our experts will meticulously assess your situation and help determine if an eyebrow transplant is the optimal choice for you.

Hair Transplant In London Aftercare AHI Clinic

Why Choose FUE Eyebrow Transplantation?

FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is a preferred method for many eyebrow transplant surgeons. This technique involves extracting individual hair follicles using specialized tools and transplanting them into the eyebrow area where hair is needed.

Unlike traditional methods, FUE eyebrow transplantation is minimally invasive and performed under local anesthesia. The resulting scars are tiny dots, making FUE ideal for individuals who prefer shorter eyebrow hair.

At AHI Clinic, we specialize in FUE eyebrow transplant procedures, aiming to deliver natural-looking results and a positive experience.

AHI Clinic Philosophy

At AHI Clinic, we specialize in helping both men and women overcome hair loss with a comprehensive range of treatments. Led by Dr. Waqas Chaudhary, our dedicated hair transplant surgeon, we guide you through every step of the process. 

We prefer using the FUE technique for its effectiveness and minimal invasiveness. From your initial consultation to the surgery and follow-up visits, we provide complete care. Additionally, we offer advanced treatments like Magellan™ or Cellenis™ Plasma Treatment to enhance graft survival. Unlike sales-driven approaches, our focus is on your well-being, with Dr. Chaudhary personally oversaw your treatment.

AHI Clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission and adheres to the highest medical standards. Despite our commitment to excellence, our services remain affordable, eliminating the need to travel abroad for quality care.

AHI Clinic Hair Transplant

FUE Eyebrow Transplantation UK - Your Premier Choice

FUE, or Follicular Unit Excision, stands out as the preferred procedure for many eyebrow transplant surgeons. This innovative technique involves extracting individual hair follicles using specialized tools, one by one. These donor hairs are then meticulously transplanted into areas where eyebrow hair is thinning or absent.

One of the significant advantages of FUE eyebrow transplantation is its minimal invasiveness. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, ensuring a comfortable experience for the patient. Additionally, the scars left by FUE are significantly smaller and resemble tiny dots, making them virtually undetectable. This aspect of FUE makes it an excellent choice for individuals who prefer shorter eyebrow hair.

At AHI Clinic, we specialize in FUE eyebrow transplant procedures. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with natural-looking results and a positive experience throughout your journey. We understand the importance of restoring your eyebrows to their natural beauty and are here to guide you every step of the way.

Meet Our Fue Eyebrow Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Waqas Chaudhary leads our team of expert surgeons at AHI Clinic. With extensive experience and specialized training, Dr. Chaudhary is dedicated to providing top-quality care and exceptional results.

As a member of respected organizations such as the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Dr. Chaudhary demonstrates expertise in the field. His commitment to continuous learning and patient care establishes him as a trusted surgeon in London.

All consultations and eyebrow transplant procedures at AHI Clinic are personally conducted by Dr. Chaudhary, ensuring the highest level of expertise and attention to detail.

FUE Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) eyebrow transplant procedure is a modern and minimally invasive technique used to restore or enhance eyebrows. Here’s a simple breakdown of what happens during the procedure:

Before the procedure, you’ll have a consultation with your surgeon. They will assess your eyebrows, discuss your goals, and determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the transplant.

On the day of the procedure, you’ll be given local anesthesia to numb the donor area (usually the back of the head) and the recipient area (where the new eyebrows will be). This ensures you won’t feel any pain during the procedure.
Extraction: Using a specialized tool, individual hair follicles are carefully extracted from the donor area. These follicles are chosen based on their quality and suitability for transplanting.

Recipient Site Creation:
Tiny incisions are made in the recipient area (the eyebrow region) where the new eyebrows will be placed. These incisions are strategically positioned to mimic the natural growth pattern of eyebrows.

The extracted hair follicles are then delicately implanted into the recipient sites one by one. The surgeon pays close attention to the angle, direction, and density of the transplanted hairs to ensure natural-looking results.

Post-Procedure Care:
After the transplant, you’ll be given instructions on how to care for your newly transplanted eyebrows. This typically includes avoiding touching or rubbing the area, keeping it clean, and applying any prescribed medications or ointments.

The recovery period varies from person to person, but most individuals can resume their normal activities within a few days. It’s common to experience some redness, swelling, or minor discomfort in the treated area, but these symptoms usually subside within a week or two.

Your surgeon will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and ensure the transplanted eyebrows are growing as expected. They may also provide additional guidance on grooming and maintaining your new eyebrows for optimal results.

Overall, the FUE eyebrow transplant procedure offers a safe, effective, and long-lasting solution for individuals looking to improve the appearance of their eyebrows. With proper care and follow-up, you can enjoy natural-looking, fuller eyebrows that enhance your facial features and boost your confidence.

frequently asked questions

An eyebrow transplant involves taking hair from a donor area, usually the back of the head, and putting it into the eyebrow. This is done using a method called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

The procedure usually takes about 3-4 hours and is done with local anesthesia. It’s important to choose an experienced surgeon because the hairs need to be put in at specific angles to look natural.

Yes, eyebrow transplants are safe and give great results. It takes about a year for the new hairs to grow fully. After that, you’ll need to trim them regularly to keep them looking neat.

Eyebrow transplants are permanent because they use hairs from the back of the head, where hair loss doesn’t usually happen.

Yes, the hairs taken from your scalp will grow like head hair, so you’ll need to trim them regularly to match your other eyebrow hairs.

The donor hair is usually taken from the back of the head, side of the head, or above the ear. The area might need to be shaved, but it’ll grow back normally.

You should feel okay to go back to work in 1-2 days, but it might take 1-2 weeks for the results to look less obvious.

For most patients, there won’t be any visible scarring, especially not on the eyebrows.

There’s a small risk of redness or infection, but our team will guide you through aftercare to minimize these risks.

You can learn more on our website or by coming in for a consultation with our surgeons.

It costs around £5,000, but the exact price depends on your individual needs, which we’ll assess during your consultation.

World Class Aftercare

At AHI Clinic, our commitment to excellence doesn’t end with the completion of your treatment. We understand that exceptional aftercare is crucial for ensuring your continued satisfaction and well-being. That’s why we offer world-class aftercare services tailored to meet your individual needs.

From the moment your treatment concludes, our dedicated team is here to provide you with comprehensive support and guidance every step of the way. Our aftercare program encompasses a range of services designed to optimize your recovery and ensure long-lasting results.

We also include:

  • Personalized Follow-Up
  • 24/7 Support
  • Educational Resources
  • Advanced Monitoring Technology
  • Holistic Wellness Support
  • Continued Communication

Popular Treatments

FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) hair transplant can be life changing for many men and women who are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss.

Whether a man chooses to have a beard, moustache, or both can depend on the individual.

Also known as eyebrow implants, eyebrow transplants use a surgical approach to help restore fuller looking eyebrows.


Common Conditions

Through a thorough consultation our experts can help you to realise what can be
achieved in the pursuit to become the best version of you.

Hair Loss

Approximately 5 million hair follicles cover the body, with around 100,000 – 150,000 of these on the scalp.

Patchy Beard

Having a patchy beard is a common male concern that AHI has provided a safe and effective solution for.

Thin Eyebrows

Like the rest of the face and facial features, the eyebrows and eyelashes have their own distinct appearance, and are important components of facial aesthetics.

Quality Products and Equipment

At AHI Clinic, we prioritize using high-quality products and advanced equipment to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients undergoing FUE eyebrow transplantation.

Here are some key details about the quality products and equipment we use:

Trivellini Hybrid Punches:

 Instead of using standard sharp punches for hair extraction, we utilize Trivellini Hybrid Punches. These specialized tools have flared ends designed to minimize damage to delicate hair roots. By preserving more intact hair grafts during extraction, our procedures become more effective, leading to better results.


We employ HypoThermosol, an advanced solution used to preserve harvested hair grafts during FUE procedures. This solution is formulated to maintain optimal conditions for the grafts by scavenging free radicals, balancing pH levels, and providing essential nutrients. By minimizing stress on the grafts while they are stored, we can maximize their survival rates when transplanted back into the scalp.

Liposomal Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP):

Our graft holding solution and aftercare hair spray contain Liposomal Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP helps supply energy to tissues deprived of oxygen and blood supply during the transplant process, both while the grafts are outside the body and after they are implanted. This supports the healing process and promotes healthy hair growth post-transplant.

By utilizing these quality products and equipment, we aim to enhance the overall success and satisfaction of our FUE eyebrow transplant procedures at AHI Clinic. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our patients receive the highest standard of care and achieve optimal results.

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