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Advanced Hair Implants Clinic is focused on ensuring that you are well looked after throughout your entire treatment journey. We are committed to maintaining a high level of care before, during and after each treatment; implementing a patient-centred approach that ensures we achieve a bespoke outcome for each and every concern.


Your Consultation

People who are affected by hair loss will often say this is a concern that affects a person in more ways than one. The appearance of hair loss is obvious to others which often leads to emotional challenges that includes an impact on self-confidence. Our attitude to the effects of hair loss requires the empathetic approach that AHI delivers, which also extends to the needs of our patients who are concerned with their facial aesthetics. Our consultations are carried out privately either in the clinic, or by virtual means. After listening to you and gaining an understanding of what you expect to achieve by having a treatment, we will work together to devise a personalised treatment plan. This plan of action is based around the concerns we have discussed, as well as taking into account your general health and well-being.


Your Treatment

Our patient coordinator will ensure you are looked after from the very moment you walk through the door, to the time you leave. Your treatment may consist of a single session, or a recommended course of procedures. This will be decided at the consultation and will be proposed according to your individual circumstances. You will always be warmly welcomed at AHI, and treatment will only commence when you are ready to proceed. Treatment rooms are clean, modern and restful, and your practitioner will ensure that you remain happy and comfortable throughout the treatment. Each procedure is performed using a tailored approach that utilises advanced techniques and cutting-edge devices. You will be kept fully informed throughout, and the warm and friendly nature of our practitioners means you are sure to be kept at ease.

“Our team is always happy to hear from you, and if you are at all concerned with the after effects of your treatment, you should always contact the clinic.”



As part of our aftercare programme our patient coordinator will ensure you are contacted in the days that follow your treatment to make sure that you are well, and that you are happy with the outcome so far. If you wish to visit the clinic for a follow up review you will always be welcome, and in some instances this will be a requirement. If follow up appointments are necessary (as is usually the case with a surgical hair restoration procedure) we will ensure this is in place before you leave the clinic. You may be given some information to take home that outlines the aftercare that may be needed following your treatment, and we will always ensure that this is part of our pre-treatment discussions.
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