Your Questions Answered – What Is the Success Rate of Hair Transplants?

Hair transplants generally have a good reputation, although if you’re considering this procedure we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re worried that it may not work, or not as well as you’d expect. As a specialist cosmetic procedure, a hair transplant can come at a cost. So, it stands to reason that you’d want to know your hard-earned cash isn’t going to be wasted. 

There are a number of factors involved in Hair Transplant Success Rate, including: the hair thickness, the density of donor hair, size of the punch used to extract the grafts, quality of the extracted grafts, the patient’s individual response, density of the transplanted grafts, depth and angle of the incisions made for grafts’ placement, amount of adrenaline and steroids used in the transplanted area, the technique used and the skill of the transplant surgeon. At AHI Clinic in South Woodford, Dr Waqas Chaudhary performs the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique. This procedure is tried and tested and Dr Chaudhary chooses this approach over others because one of the qualities is successful results. 

You’ll find details about this procedure on our website and for many people, the procedure will only need to be carried once, as the results can be permanent. 

So, what is the Hair Transplant Success Rate?

Hair transplants are found to be more successful than shop-bought, over-the-counter hair restoration products. Research has shown that in 60-95% of cases, the procedure has been effective. However, It’s important that you have realistic expectations in terms of results, and Dr Chaudhary will ensure a thorough consultation and assessment will outline the likely outcome. He’ll make sure you’re aware that some factors can reduce the chance of long-term thicker, fuller hair growth, including: widespread thinning / baldness, potentially dormant follicles, thick scars, hair loss as a side effect of medication / cancer treatment and not having continued with hair loss treatment medications such as Finasteride and / or Minoxidil. 

When using the FUE technique, donor hair can be taken from the head, beard or body – and in combination if this is necessary. This gives Dr Chaudhary a range of hair to choose from, ensuring that good quality, thicker donor hairs are used – increasing the chance of a good outcome. Having a hair transplant doesn’t mean you’ll have an instant full head of hair. The donor hairs will need some time to settle in and stimulate the follicles. The hair growth cycle will work at the same rate as it usually would, so it’s normal for noticeably thicker hair to take around 12 – 18 months to develop. It would also be normal for some of the donor hairs to fall out, or for thinning hair to appear to continue – when a top-up procedure can be considered. Aftercare plays a key role in the development of successful results. AHI Clinic will explain a series of aftercare instructions such as: avoiding strenuous exercise, careful hair washing after a few days and taking recommended medications / supplements which will contribute to effective hair growth following the procedure.

Why should you choose AHI Clinic for your hair transplant procedure?

Dr Waqas Chaudhary and the team at AHI Clinic have many years experience in this field of cosmetic surgery. They’ve helped many patients overcome their hair loss concerns by providing a safe and effective solution for restoring hair growth. Dr Chaudhary’s expertise can be applied to all manner of hair loss situations; whether it’s for male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, alopecia, patchy beards or thin eyebrows. The team are compassionate and understand the emotional impact of thinning hair and hair loss. Dr Chaudhary takes an individual approach to each and every patient, and he devises bespoke treatment plans that are based on your circumstances. He applies the most suitable surgical techniques to ensure the procedure meets both your needs and your expectations. 

Dr Chaudhary himself is a highly trained and qualified surgeon. He has performed countless procedures, having spent many years working for the NHS and in private practice. Hair loss and skin surgery are of particular interest to Dr Chaudhary. These are his specialist areas, and he has an exceptional wealth of knowledge and understanding when it comes to procedures of this nature. His surgical skill, coupled with his warm and friendly nature will help to ensure your experience is a positive one. 

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