Myths Around Hair Growth Remedies

Hair loss affects people in different ways, and at AHI Clinic we’re there for those who are emotionally impacted by thinning or lost hair. 

Our clinic specialises in performing surgical hair transplants which is a safe and effective way of restoring natural growth. In many cases a person has tried a range of different remedies before inquiring about this method of treatment, only to find they do not deliver the desired result. 

Like hair loss itself, there are many hair growth myths and remedies. So we’re dedicating this blog to discussing the truth around some of these beliefs.


Regularly massaging the scalp, often in combination with hair oils or masks, is thought to stimulate the follicles and prevent hair from falling out. Whilst there is no research to suggest that this is true, massage can help assist regrowth when used alongside prescribed medication or a hair transplant procedure. Massaging the scalp can increase circulation which may help to strengthen the dermal papilla cells. These play a part in hair formation, and may help to produce thicker hair. This type of therapy is also known to ease stress and anxiety which have been linked to some forms of hair loss. 

2.Aloe vera

There is no evidence to show that applying aloe vera products to the scalp will promote the regrowth of hair. However, there is a case for aloe vera helping to strengthen the hair. As it contains vitamins A, B12, C and E, it can provide nourishment to the follicles.

3.Fish oil

This is another remedy that may help to improve the health of the hair. Fish oils can increase the supply of nutrients to the follicles as it will enhance the flow of blood. It is the increased levels of nourishment that may have an impact on the strength and thickness of individual strands of hair. 

4.Lemon juice 

Due to its acidic nature, applying lemon juice or lemon oil to the scalp can help to improve the health and condition of the skin. Lemon juice can cleanse the scalp and help to balance pH levels, as well as removing excess oil and the buildup of other substances. This can create a healthier scalp and follicles for hair that is better in quality.  

5.Rosemary oil

Applying rosemary oil to the scalp is one natural remedy that research shows may have an impact on the regrowth of hair. In some studies, rosemary oil has been found to help block the DHT hormone from attacking the follicles – one of the key contributors found in the cause of male and female pattern baldness – and decrease the chance / rate of hair loss. Rosemary oil can also help to boost blood flow and hydration to the scalp which contributes to healthy and efficient hair growth. 

As we explore some of the Hair Growth Myths and also natural remedies thought to help restore lost hair, it seems that they are more likely to enhance the health and functioning of the follicles for improved hair quality. When AHI considers an effective treatment for restoring hair growth we’ll conduct a full and thorough examination of the hair and scalp. This will help us to understand the reason for hair loss, and recommend the most suitable treatment option. As part of the aftercare programme we prescribe medication and / or other therapies (such as massage) to help stimulate the follicles and assist in the regrowth of hair. Dr Waqas Chaudhary (our esteemed hair transplant surgeon) can discuss different methods and provide advice on which methods will produce the best results.    


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