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hair transplant cost london

This post will guide you to finding out hair transplant cost in London but also what a hair transplant is. Hair transplants are an effective way to treat thinning hair in men and women. The procedure involves removing hair follicles from the back or sides  of the head and implanting them into bald areas. This process can be  repeated in some situations to cover the affected area.

What does a Hair Transplant cost in London?

We are often asked; what does a hair transplant cost in London? Well, without instantly frustrating you, it’s important for you to understand that there’s no single definitive answer as all patient cases are different. However, whilst hair transplants are not cheap, they are highly effective and can dramatically improve a person’s confidence. That said, on average, a hair transplant in London can cost anywhere between £2,500 – £7,500 per session.

There are a number of factors that will determine what the cost of a Hair Transplant in London might be. These range from the amount of hair needing to be replaced, the area that requires the transplant and, the recommended hair transplant technique and whether or not the patient is suitable for one sitting or multiple treatment sessions.

Does Hair Transplant cost in London differ depending on the technique?

There are two main types of hair transplants: Follicular Unit Excision  (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both procedures involve taking hair follicles from the back/sides of head  and implanting them into the area of hair loss / baldness. However, there are some differences between the two methods. In FUE, the surgeon removes each hair follicle individually called hair grafts  by using a device like punch biopsy but the hole is about 0.8mm to 1mm.  On the other hand, FUT uses a strip harvesting technique where the linear long part of skin is cut with the hair follicles, the hair follicles  are then gently cut into smaller units called hair grafts which can be then implanted on the area of hair loss. The technique will have a small impact on the cost and we dependent on consultation.

What are the benefits of a Hair Transplant?

Confidence and self esteem issues are common with people suffering with pattern baldness or alopecia. It’s understandable that should you be losing your hair it can have a dramatic effect on how you look but also on how you feel. A hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss and done by skilled surgeon then one that nobody will be able to notice! One of the most common concerns people have prior to hair transplant surgery is – will people know? Well, let us reassure you – unless you tell them, it can be our secret! If you feel like your hair loss is causing you to feel less than amazing, then a hair transplant by Dr Waqas Chaudhary at AHI clinic may be the solution. He is highly skilled surgeon in this field with a good knowledge  of hair loss and skin conditions causing hair loss. He  is a member of ISHRS ( International Society Of Hair Transplant Surgery) who had also done Post graduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology.

Here at AHI Clinic in South Woodford, we always begin by assessing the individual patient’s needs before we can start to discuss what the hair transplant may cost, or even if it’s the appropriate course of treatment. Contact the clinic to find out more.

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Mannan Ahmad
Mannan Ahmad
What an experience!!!! Excellent pre procedure guidance; friendly/reassuring / very caring attitude on the day of procedure; and impeccable ongoing advice post procedure. Dr. Waqas Chaudhry abated all my anxieties by giving his undivided attention throughout the whole day of my procedure. I am certainly satisfied with his skills of taking the grafts out from donor area, getting his staff to carefully count them with planning and separation of different grafts for different sites; paying every attention in preparing site for transplanting those donor hairs and finally very proficiently transplanting those grafts. What a professional he is!!! Not to forget, his friendly staff made me feel relaxed whole day. I would 100% recommend AHI clinic / Dr. Waqas Chaudhry.
Sajid Hassan
Sajid Hassan
Amazing results so far after the 4 PRP treatments I am had with Dr Chaudhary at AHI Clinic. Also using the medical treatments recommended by him. Excellent service, really clean clinic. Dr Chaudhary has a very good knowledge of the hair loss treatment options and he is very honest and with excellent communication skills.
ben robinson
ben robinson
I recently inquired about getting a hair transplant and I had a brilliant feeling from the get go when having my online consolation with Dr Chaudhary. They managed to fit me in over the christmas period which was the only time I could have done it & although it was a long day the day, the day itself could not have gone any better. It took around 10 hours overall but so far it's been 10 days since the op and everything is healing very nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing the results next year when my hair has grown back. Aftercare was also a big factor for me in which I've read a lot about how the clinics aftercare is very good and so far it's been very good.
Satwinder Dhoot
Satwinder Dhoot
Getting a FUE Transplanting is very confusing and stressful especially with all the material available online. Found AHI Clinic by chance and the experience has been amazing from start to finish. Initial Consultation was very Professional and Dr Chaudhary was very welcoming. There was no rush and he went though everything with me step by step explaining what the process was and answered all of my random questions. Even after my first consultation I still wasn't sure and had more questions and even then he took the time to arrange another meeting for me promptly. His answers were very honest and I kind of knew i'd be getting it done from here. I had visited other Clinics and all you face is a Sales man on other end who's in a rush and just trying to seal the deal. Not explaining any of the processes or the risks or what to expect. Just in a rush to get the deposit from you. It's always good to actually meet the Surgeon whose performing the Procedure, gives a peace of mind especially when it comes to your hair. Had my Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) done last week and went very smoothly. No issues and his techniques in applying the injections resulted in very little pain in the course of the whole treatment. The FUE Transplant was done in the last 24 hours and very impressed with the whole process start to finish. The Rejuvence Clinic in Canary Wharf was very clean and very well organised. Dr Chaudhary was there to perform the task himself with the help of his Technicians, they were very professional too. Felt in safe hands throughout the whole process. Communication with AHI Clinic for after care has also so far been great and will be staying in touch in case of any further questions. Please please no need to go Turkey when you have AHI at our door steps in London. Simple and Fact!!!
Tariq Sherwani
Tariq Sherwani
Solid advice and help throughout the entire process. Very happy with my hair transplant with Dr Chaudhary.
michael paul
michael paul
I had PRP treatment with Dr Chaudhary. He is extremely professional and the treatment was almost painless. Would very much recommend having treatment here.
Ramial Aqeel
Ramial Aqeel
Excellent experience working with AHI Clinic. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for hair recovery services.
Thomas Pink
Thomas Pink
Very professional from the first consultation for my hair transplant to the very end. Dr waqas made me feel very at ease on the day and has done an amazing job and is very neat at what he does. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of having this done to use ahi clinic. And aftercare is amazing. So thank you again Tom
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