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Dr Waqas Chaudhary is the lead Hair Transplant Surgeon for the AHI Clinic. He is also a General Practitioner in the NHS, who gained his Postgraduate in Dermatology, from Queen Mary University of London.  Dr Chaudhary is offering virtual as well as face to face consultations for all patients who contact us for  hair loss problems.  Surgical procedures are only carried out at Rejuvence Clinic which is a CQC registered Clinic.  Dr Chaudhary is a trusted medical professional and has experience of working in Orthopaedics, Accident and Emergency, General Medicine and Paediatrics in NHS hospitals.

Dr Chaudhary is a full Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and a full Member of FUE Europe.  Dr Chaudhary has a special interest in the treatments for Hair Loss and keeps pace with all new technological advances,  he participates in a broad range of International hair restoration workshops, practical sessions, international conferences,  and educational events.  Dr Waqas has collaborated with other Hair Transplant Surgeons in the UK and abroad, by assisting and performing a variety of procedures, to extend the breadth of his knowledge and consolidate his training.


NHS Paramedic


Pura Vida director Tobie has worked as an NHS Paramedic for the past thirteen years. He started pursuing an interest in facial aesthetics in 2018 after attending training with Harley Street. He started to work with Dr. Waqas Chaudhary and are both now collaborating together to help people feel beautiful and confident.

Dr Tobie Ahi Clinic Paramedic
Dr Robina Ahi Clinic Dentist




We are excited to introduce Dr Robina Jan, a Dentist with a special interest and advanced training in Facial Aesthetics. Dr Jan qualified (with distinction) in 2001 and, in 2004, was awarded Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Dr Jan has, since qualifying, attained considerable experience working in Hospital, Community and General Practice.

Dr Jan has a particular interest in providing non-surgical treatments for the discreet rejuvenation and enhancement of the face, thereby softening the effects of ageing. As a dentist, she has mastered how to inject comfortably and is very familiar with the facial anatomy and structures of the face – this means patients can feel safe and at ease that they are going to be well looked after, with a natural result that complements and enhances each individual patient seeking treatment.

Dr Jan will be offering wrinkle softening treatments, facial fillers (lips, cheek/smile lines, chin, jaw line and temples) as well as skin conditioning treatments such as Sunekos and microneedling. She will offer a bespoke face-to-face consultation where she will be able to discuss your treatment needs and goals and provide a written treatment plan with a clear cost summary.

We are excited about this new collaboration – we are committed to helping our patients make the most of their image through the choice of high quality, affordable and professional cosmetic facial treatments. Please contact the practice for further enquiries.


Advance Hair Implants works with Rejuvence Clinic which is a CQC registered Clinic. Our first and foremost priority is patient safety and satisfaction. We assess each patient individually and tailor a treatment plan based around patient’s requirements to fulfill realist expectations. We are committed to achieve the best results for each patient, every time. We are passionate about improving the lives of people  who with hair loss conditions. It is our ambition to offer the best services which mean investing time and expertise to deliver best of treatments for each individual. Our specialist expert has great knowledge of skin problems including scalp conditions which is essential to make  right diagnosis of the cause of hair loss. This helps our patients to understand how to stop further hair loss and make a well informed decision of what is the most suitable and appropriate treatment plan for their hair loss.

All the important steps of the Surgical Procedures are carried out by our specialist doctor and NOT by technicians

We believe in discussion followed by a correct diagnosis, making a mutual decision about the expected design of the hair line you want and finally delivering excellent results to make our clients happy and confident. Our specialist experts team strongly believes in evidence-based treatments and work very hard with great dedication to help our clients to achieve great results and at the same time we ensure our patients never feel pressured to choose any treatments. We always encourage our clients to ask as many questions as possible, so they feel at ease to make a well-informed decision. We always use most advanced equipment and instruments to ensure best results for our clients. Some clinics use less expensive solutions like  normal saline as graft holding solution but we use HypoThermosol to store the harvested grafts along with Liposomal ATP solution.

Trivellini Hybrid

Most of the clinics use sharp punches which can cause transection of hair roots during extractions thus risking loss of many hair grafts, which can leave patients unsuitable for second Hair Transplant Surgery, if needed. We use most advanced Hybrid Trevellini punches which have flared/trumpet end to hugely reduce the damage to the very vulnerable hair roots


highly advanced product of medical engineering which is used as holding solution for the vulnerable and delicates hair grafts in the process of Hair Transplant Surgery. HypoThermasol manufactures state that “its components scavenge free radicals, provide pH buffering, osmotic support, energy substrates, and ionic concentrations that balance the intracellular state”.

Liposomal Adenosine
Triphosphate (ATP)

used along with the HypoThermasol in graft holding solution and also AFTER CARE HAIR SPRAY. Liposomal ATP is used to administer ATP to tissue deprived of oxygen and blood supply during hair transplant surgery while grafts are out of the body and when the grafts are planted back into the scalp. We provide after care hair spray which contains Liposomal ATP.